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What sort of clothing should I bring to my shoot? 

The type you get complimented in.  While your threads should represent your own personal style, it is important to use the feedback of friends and lovers when determining what truly suits you in pictures. Bring those articles of clothing that compliment your physique and colors that bring your face to life, and don't be afraid to span the spectrum from simple to outrageous. You'll actually see us jump for joy if you bring a juicy selection of your most colorful and attractive threads.

Now, If you find yourself in the cold sweats trying to decide what to bring, you can always confer with your personal stylist, which is included in your package. They be in contact with you beforehand about all of the things to consider wardrobe-wise, and then actually go through your stuff with you during the shoot, putting together some delicious and nutritious outfit options that will not fail to make you look like you got it all figured out.

Is there anything else I should bring?

Music always works, and personal playlists are quite a convenient happiness-carrier so bring it with you! If you don't have your own tunes, we have our selections but be prepared to listen to us sing. Even if you do have an ipod, we'll probably still sing. Women: concealer/powder/foundation, a particular shade for your lips, or any other make-up preferences you may want to run past our extraordinary make-up and hair dept. Men: concealer/powder/foundation (if you have it...don't worry if you don't), hair product, and lip balm.

Do I need to do anything prior to my shoot?

Snort some coke, shoot some whiskey, play extreme sports, contract a cold sore, and shave your head....except do the opposite.

Seriously, in an attempt to have your best self on display, spend the week hydrating yourself, and we better not see you at the club the night before either; Luggage belongs in Hawaii, not under your eyes.

Also, don't be afraid to practice in the mirror. Tyra ain't talking crazy when she tells those models to "work the mirror and know your angles."

I know I look good, but I need to look like an A-lister. Do you guys offer retouching services?

Yes, in fact we do! We include one complimentary retouched photos in your package, and offer additional services as needed.

My wardrobe consists of nothing more than khakis, a pair of galoshes and a Coogi sweater. What can I do?

No, it doesn't. Unless you're Heathcliff Huxtable, there's no way we're gonna believe that, so don't lie.

However, If you truly are fashionably challenged, for a small fee, we offer wardrobe enhancement.  It's like your closet, but on steroids. One of our fashion consultants will fill the holes of your wardrobe by finding pieces especially for you.  At the end of the shoot you leave them with us and never have to see them again in your life...unless of course you would like to purchase them.

How long is my shoot?

The basic portrait session is between 2.5 and 3 hours, inclusive of makeup and hair time.

How do I get my pics?

Your proofs will be available online 5 business days after the shoot. Your retouched images will be emailed to you, and proofs are available on USB drive for an extra fee.

How long will it be before I get my deliciously retouched images?

You wanna figure 3 business days per pic to be retouched after you let us know which ones you want us to work on. We do offer expedited service when life calls for it.

Who will be at the shoot?

There will be one key photographer, one photo assistant, one stylist, as well as a hair and make up artist.  Don't get it twisted; there is a team of people working on you, and it's all included in the package.

Where do you shoot?

Wherever your mother tells us.   In true guerilla style, we'll hop, skip, and break dance to wherever your pics call for us to go.  We're even willing to travel to your apartment* if you think it'd make for a fab shoot locale.  Just ask and check that travel fee.

*We reserve the right to decide if your apartment is fab or not, so you better not perpetrate.

I don't know ya'll good. Do we meet beforehand?

Yes and yes. We'll meet for a mini-consultation before hand, so we can talk about your ideas, dreams, inspirations, talents, regrets, likes, dislikes, and dirty little secrets. It's about 45 minutes.

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