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The Put Down is dirty sugar's answer to on-camera video services, complete with gorgeous footage and our signature color blocks, all done with the fun and creative flavor that you've come to know us for! As online resources continue to dominate the landscape, video footage is a growing reality for artists, actors and personalities of every kind. Need a quick 7 second slate so the industry can see you on film? Have a film, TV, or theater audition you need to put yourself down for? Have a need to showcase your personality by way of a vibrant video package?  The Put Down can do all of these, creating a stunning, colorful presentation in the form of a moving headshot.

The Artist Slate

A 5-7 second video snippet of you - plain and simple. Think of this as the perfect personality appetizer, great for giving the industry a quick sampling of who you are and how amazing you look on film!

The Personality Slate (COMING SOON)

A 1-2 minute edited package revealing even more of who you are.  By way of colorful interview questions, candid moments caught on film or any ideas or special talents that you can think of, the goal of The Personality Slate is to get your audience saying "I need to see more of this super star!"

The Put Down Audition (COMING SOON)

Come in with your film or TV sides, monologue, script or commercial copy and have it all beautifully recorded and finished for that big audition.  All recordings are done in high definition, are shot cleanly and lit beautifully, which agents and casting directors will love and thank you for.

The Artist Slate, Filming Only

$50 Introductory Pricing!

The filming for The Artist Slate is a 5-10 minute session where we will have you say your name, your representation if you choose as well as an interesting, colorful fact about yourself. Once we are rolling , we will ask you to do up to 5 separate slates, filming one continuous take which can later be edited and finished. The entire unedited film will be uploaded as a .mov file which you will be able to download and save.

Editing and Finishing for the Artists Slate - $15 per package Introductory Pricing!

Once you have received your unedited Artist Slate, you have the option to either edit and finish your footage yourself or have us do it for you. Editing and Finishing includes creating a single 5-7 second package using the best take from the bunch that you choose. We will then color correct the footage as needed, create a quick intro of information (name, agency, etc.) as well as a quick outro.

For The Artist Slate, unedited footage will be available 3 days after you shoot. An edited final package will be delivered 7 days after we receive your order.

The Personality Slate, Filming & Editing

Special Introductory Offer! Please email us for more details!

The Filming for the Personality Slate is a 20-25 minute session where we will have you slate, answer colorful interview questions, and give your audience the chance to really get to know you candidly in a relaxed, fun environment. We will help you pick 2 Color Block Backgrounds and 2 accompanying wardrobe looks, offering you not only one, but two video variations to showcase! Editing and finishing for The Personality Slate includes creating a 1-2 minute professionally edited package, utilizing the best takes that you choose. We will then color correct the footage as needed, create a quick intro of information (name, agency, etc.) as well as a quick outro.

The Put Down Audition - COMING SOON!

We are taking the video submission to the next level! Stay tuned for a wonderfully sleek and stunning way to capture yourself on video for most any TV, Film or Theater audition.

For The Put Down Audition, the final package will be ready to go within the hour, delivered to you online once finished.

Either add The Put Down to your upcoming headshot shoot with us or call to make an appointment for a stand alone filming

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